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Yaxchilán Archaeological Sites

The word Yaxchilan means “Piedras Verdes” in Mayan language, name given at present; it is believed that the place was called Pa 'Chan.

These Mayan ruins are located on the banks of the Usumacinta River in the Mexican Petén, just in front of Guatemalan Peten.

Yaxchilan is recognized thanks to the large number of quality sculptures found at the site. It was an important city during the Classic Mayan period and the dominant power of the Usumacinta region. It dominated other smaller cities such as Bonampak, and it was long allied with Piedras Negras, and for a time with Tikal; this city was rival of Palenque, with which they fought a war in 654. It had its peak during the long reign of King “Shield-Jaguar II”, who died in 742 AD.