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Xpujil Archaeological Sites

The name comes from a wild plant known as “Cat Tail”, in Mayan language Xpuhil, which grew at the edge of a pond in the vicinity of the site.

Building "I" is internationally famous due to the only presence in the region of architectural style building “Rio Bec”, it has 3 towers. Thanks to the distributing of the buildings, you can enjoy the natural environment that surrounds it.

This Mayan settlement with 20 architectural groups dates back to the Pre-Classic period (300 BC-250 AD); however, it was between 600 and 800 AD, corresponding to the Late Classic, when most of the buildings of the site were built, denoting the social and political importance of the local people who inhabited the city. Later, around 1200 A.D. already in the Post-Classic period the decline started but the reasons are still unknown, like many other cities in the Mayan area, which are now evidence of the high degree that the civilization of ancient inhabitants attained.