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Veracruz Colonial Cities

Veracruz is the largest and most important city of the state of Veracruz. It has the most important commercial seaport in Mexico. Historically, this port city is famous for having been founded by Hernán Cortés, being in the region by the Spaniards landed to undertake the conquest of Tenochtitlan. It has received the assignation of “Four times Heroic City” by presidential decree following have faced four different foreign invasions: 1) 1829 Attempted Reconquest, by Spain. 2) 1838-1839, the first French intervention, known as the “Pastry War”. 3) 1846-1848, American intervention; 4) 1862-1867, second French intervention, “Second Mexican Empire, Maximilian Habsburg” and Napoleon's troops.

At first the place was named as “La Villa Rica de la Vera -Cruz". The name of “Villa Rica” (Rich village) was due to the amount of gold taken from the Amerindians and the word Vera Cruz added it because the conquistadors landed in sands , located off the island of San Juan de Ulua on April 22, 1519 , which was Good Friday (day of the True Cross ) .

The atmosphere of joy and friendship found in the harbor, music and dancing in its squares always present, its history, its famous museums, and aquarium, make this place unforgettable. But we must say that the “State of Veracruz” is one of the most beautiful and complete in the country.