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Tzintzuntzan Magic Towns

Tzintzuntzan was, during pre-Hispanic times, the capital of the Tarascan. The emperor Tariácuri, shortly before his death, in 1400, made a division of the Tarascan Empire to leave to his descendants: Tanganxoán, Hiquingare and Irepan, to whom they corresponded Tzintzuntzan, Pátzcuaro and Ihuatzio.

Tzintzuntzan, in Tarascan language, means "place of hummingbirds". It is located 17.4 kilometers from Patzcuaro. Something that arouses great interest to visitors is the pre-Hispanic buildings named “The Yacatas”. Moreover, in this magical town may be other must-see attractions: such is the case of the superb Franciscan convent of Tzintzuntzan, which dates back to the sixteenth century and its open chapel.

A notable heritage fostered by the mentioned Vasco de Quiroga is the beautiful creations of mud, bamboo and straw, as well as colorful embroidery, where traditions and typical celebrations of this region are represented.