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Tlatelolco Archaeological Sites

Word Náhuatl that means: On the mounds of earth or sand.

The city was founded by the "Tlatelolcas" a Mexican tribe that was separated from the Tenochcans, founders of Mexico-Tenochtitlan. The place was on an island at the north of the city, within the Lake Texcoco. There were the Tianguis, the most important market of Mesoamerica with all kinds of local goods and even the most remote area. This market was visited once by Hernán Cortés before the conquest war. The last and decisive battle against the Aztecs took place on August 13th, 1521, when Mexico became “The New Spain”

From this ancient city, there are just the remains of some buildings.

Thanks to the Aztec ruins, colonial buildings and modern buildings built in 1951 under the direction of architect Mario Panni, the place is today known as "La Plaza de las Tres Culturas".