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Tequila Jalisco

Tequila is the region where the "Blue Gold" (the agave) dominates the landscape. It is located a few kilometers from Guadalajara, the capital of the state Jalisco.

The word “Tequila” comes from Náhuatl language and it means “Place of tribute" and it is where the most significant and representative drink of Mexican essence occurs: The tequila.

The climatic and geographical conditions of the place is what allows that the "Agave" grows, plant that is processed into so popular beverage.

The ancestors who settled here were originally Otomés and Chichimecas. This town was formally founded in 1530 by Franciscan friars; its full name is "Santiago de Tequila".

The Agave landscape of this land was declared "Human Natural Heritage" by UNESCO. It is a wonderful experience to make the train tour through typical villages and haciendas.