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Tepozteco Archaeological Sites

This site was built taking advantage of a natural elevation of the land. It basically consists of a pyramid of two corps with a grand staircase with balustrades on the west side. On the top there is a third construction with two rooms, one after the other. The first room opens onto the temple stairs, with two pillars flanking the entrance.

It was the place of the deities of pulque ("Aphrodisiac" drink coming from the agave), fertility and harvest. The pyramid known as the House of Tepozteco measured 9.50 meters high and where they found its idol “Ten Rabbit” (representing Ometochtli) that was destroyed by the friars during the evangelization.

Tepozteco was also a god, son of the wind god Ehécatl. Each year, on September 8th, there is a party in the town of Tepoztlán, Morelos to commemorate him.