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Tepotzotlan Magic Towns

The manor of Tepotzotlán was occupied by Otomíes at the arrival of the Spaniards; after the fall of Tenochtitlan, the Franciscans founded there a school for Indians. In 1582, Jesuits began construction of several buildings that helped their evangelizing.

The enclosure that was the “College of San Francisco Javier” became the actual "Museum of Viceroyalty" which since 1919 keeps about 15 thousand pieces related to colonial history. Objects of religious and civil use, carved in wood, wax and cornstalk paste. Also carved ivory images related to trade with the Orient.

It is impressive the façade of the Temple of San Javier, one of the most representative buildings of churrigueresque of seventeenth century in Mexico, where the use of the stipe column is the highlight.

It keeps a sample of twenty paintings of the famous novo Hispanic artist, Cristóbal de Villalpando beside the creations of Juan Correa, Martin de Vos and Miguel Cabrera.

The journey into the enclosure and the walk through the craft market and surrounding streets, leave us an unbeatable experience.