Templo Mayor
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Templo Mayor

The Major Temple, as it is known today, was the absolute center of the religious life of the Aztecs of Great Mexico-Tenochtitlan. There was the place where the most important aspects of political, religious and economic life happened. Also, feasts marked by the Tenalpohualli (their calendar), enthronement of Tlatoanis (kings) and even funerals of old rulers.

The building was built in seven phases and it reached a height of about 45 meters; It was also a symbolic center of the vast network of tributaries of Mexica Empire; place of sacred offerings and funerary deposits; shrine to the deities of war and rain, as well as a symbol of the achievements of the Aztecs for their enemies.

In 1987 the Museum of the Major Temple was built, annexed to the temple itself. The ruins can be viewed while you walk along walkways around the resort.

The museum has eight rooms where thousands of pre-Columbian objects are exhibit. The rooms in the south wing are dedicated to Huitzilopochtli (deity of war) and the North wing Tlaloc (water deity). The museum is closed every Monday of the year.