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Taxco Magic Towns

Taxco is a beautiful colonial city and one of the most attractive destinations in the state of Guerrero. Mining exploitation developed in the place, especially for obtaining silver, consolidated Taxco as one of the most important mining centers of New Spain times. Many of the beautiful buildings that ennoble its streets, date precisely from such golden era.

Its name comes from the Náhuatl language: "Tlachco" which means "place of the ballgame." Later the town obtained the official name of Taxco de Alarcón, as a tribute to the great writer “Juan Ruiz de Alarcón”, born there in the sixteenth century.

Taxco mixes his Novo Hispanic, glorious and magnificence past, with the warmth of its inhabitants and the talent of its craftsmen, especially those who work silver and other precious metals.

It is the oldest mining town of America and with its crafts and thanks to its silver ornaments and jewelry has an international recognition. Tourists visiting Taxco, with colonial atmosphere, can enjoy beautiful buildings full of history and tradition, such as the Temple of Santa Prisca, construction of more than two centuries old of New World Baroque style.