Paquimé Chihuahua
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Paquimé Chihuahua Archaeological Sites
Paquimé Chihuahua

This place takes the same name of the culture that inhabited it: Paquimé and it was named a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in 1998.

Researchers estimate that the population probably grew to about 3500 inhabitants, but their linguistic and ethnic affiliations are unknown.

The site is famous for its adobe buildings and doors in a "T" form. Its buildings have features of Oasis-American culture and demonstrate the skill of pre-Hispanic architects in the region.

After Paquimé was abandoned nomadic native people occupied the site.

In 1562, the Spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra said that he had visited and unexplored regions populated by well-dressed natives who lived in adobe houses, engaged in agriculture and irrigation channels and left over food.