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Oxkintok Archaeological Sites

The name Oxkintok comes from the Mayan words Ox: three, kin: sun, tok: stone. And it means "stone of the three suns"

Most of the Mayan cities of the Puuc region, like this one, are dedicated to Chaak, god of rain.

Oxkintok is a Mayan site little visited. Those who visit it note the contrast of energy and tranquility in its environment. From the moment you enter through the only door to Tzat Tun Tzat or ancient labyrinth, we can fear to get lost, just like children. In ancient Oxkintok there is also a secret door to Xibalba, the underworld, the place of fear.

It is characterized by its ancient calendrical inscriptions (475 and 487 AD) and for its anthropomorphic stone columns. Coming down from the Calcehtok caves, after 5 kilometers, it glimpses the group of buildings at Oxkintok.