Monte Albán
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Monte Albán

The real name of this city founded by the Zapotecs during the middle of the Pre classic period (500-200 BC) is still under discussion. According to some sources, the original name was Dani Baa that in zapotec language means "Beside the Clouds", however, it is known that Mixtecs called the city Yucucui that in Mixtec language means "Green Hill"

Like most of the great Mesoamerican cities, Monte Albán was a city with a multiethnic population. Throughout its history, the city maintained strong links with other cities of great importance, especially with Teotihuacán during the early Classic period (300-500 AD). The city was abandoned by the elite and a large part of its population by 600-650 AD., the same time of the collapse of Teotihuacán.

However, the ceremonial enclosure that is the set of the archaeological site of Monte Alban, today considered as one of the most beautiful in Mesoamerica, was reused by Mixtecs during the Post classic Period (900-1100 AD). In this time, the political power of the Zapotecs was divided in various “city-States” such as Zaachila, Yagul, Lambiyecto and Tehuantepec.