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Malinalco Archaeological Sites

The word Malinalco is composed by "malinalli" which in Nahuatl means "the titmouse's grass" and "Co" "place of". The name refers to the "tolnapohualli" or Aztec calendar and corresponds to the twelfth sign of the month"1

During the Spanish conquest the inhabitants of Malinalco rebelled, so that, Andres de Tapia was commissioned to force them to give up beside the people of Ocuilán (after the battle of “The Sad Night”). The newly pacified land was organized in “Encomienda”2. Christóbal Rodriguez influenced and supported the work of evangelization with the building of the convent.

As to pre-Hispanic times, three constructions have been found in the so-called "Hill of idols"; in addition of the monuments of this site, they have been located and studied other 35 sites of archaeological remains in the region.

1 Aztec calendar has 18 months of 20 days each plus one month of 5 days (called bad days)

2 Encomienda was a socio-economic institution through which a group of people must pay back to another with job, species or otherwise.