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Loreto Magic Towns

The foundation of the oldest city in the California has its origins in the colonial time (1697) and is closely linked with the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto, established by the Jesuits for the evangelization of the inhabitants of these places. Today there are seven buildings considered historical monuments and in the Sierra de la Giganta, there are caverns with ancient rock paintings.

Its contrasting landscape, composed of semi-desert landscapes that are interspersed with hilly enclaves and the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez is wonderful. It is possible to practice water and outdoor sports.

The nearby Island of El Carmen receives each winter, the visit of the Gray Whale. For lovers of marine life it is a wonderful show, and where we can have as well the opportunity to approach and caress the whales.

Loreto preserves the tradition of a fishing village; you can also find in their markets figurines made of seashells plus hand-woven garments.

It has a large variety of fish and seafood among which are "The chocolate clam" very representative product of the place.