La Venta
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La Venta

Archaeological site located at the northwest corner of the Mexican state of Tabasco. LA VENTA is the main archaeological site of the Olmec culture; cultural remains dating to 1750 BC have been found near the place, although its time of apogee was between 900 a. C. and 400 a. C.

The site stands on an island in the middle of swampy region formed by the Tonala River, marking the border between Tabasco and Veracruz.

In the center of the island, the buildings are in a square shaped in irregular rectangle, with a main pyramid located in the center, and mounds and monuments in the north and in the south.

LA VENTA is important because it is the first pre-Hispanic city which had an architectural tracing planned in ancient Mexico, and all Central America. In addition, in this pre-Hispanic city there is the oldest pyramid in Mesoamerica, an impressive mound of clay having an average diameter of 128 m and 31.4 m. high.