La Quemada
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La Quemada Archaeological Sites
La Quemada

Archaeological site that some authors associated with Chicomoztoc, located in the municipality of Villanueva in the state of Zacatecas.

Apparently the name "La Quemada” (Burned) is the result of a fire.

It is assumed that this place could be the legendary Chicomostoc, a Teotihuacan enclave, a Tarascan center, a bastion against Chichimeca intruders, a Toltec emporium or simply the product of independent development and capital of all indigenous groups settled at the north of the river Grande de Santiago.

The archaeological work made in this area from the eighties, have allowed us to determine that La Quemada developed itself between 300 and 1200 AD (Classic and Early Postclassic periods) and that it was contemporary with the Chalchihuites Culture, characterized from the first centuries of our era by intense mining activity.

The site took a defensive character; evidence of this is the wall built on the north side of the site, of about four meters high and four meters wide, and the cancellation of two monumental staircases to restrict circulation.