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Kabah Archaeological Sites

Kabah is one of the few settlements that keep its pre-Hispanic name, of which mention is made in the “Chilam Balam of Chumayel”.

The archaeological site is located in the Puuc region, in the Peninsula of Yucatán. It is assumed that the sites of the Puuc region developed in the years 600 to 900 AD, but it is undeniable that sites like Kabah go back to at least the Early Classic Mesoamerican period.

One of the outstanding features of the area is the confluence of architectural styles; because while it is in the Puuc* region, elements of Petén* and Chenes* can be appreciated. (* Architectural Styles. Moreover Puuc in Mayan language means "hilly")

The first evidence of settlement date back to the Middle Preclassic Mesoamerican period (600-300 BC), a period little known in this region, but that laid the foundations for the main development of Kabah, to the Terminal Classic (900-1050 AD).