Ek Balam
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Ek Balam

In Maya-Yucatec language, Éek' Balaam means "black Jaguar" (Ek, black, Balam, jaguar).

It is an archaeological site located at about 30 km north from the city of Valladolid, and at 2 km from the Mayan village Ek Balam.

The human settlement riched 12 square kilometers, which included a sacred space with 1 km ², where the elite lived. This small central area was protected by three walls. It was a very rich Maya capital called Talol, according to written sources of the sixteenth century, it had been founded by Éek'Báalam (dark jaguar) or Coch CalBalam. In the early years of the XI century, a foreign irruption, possibly of the Itzáes, submited the power centers of Ek Balam and Yaxuná.