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Creel Magic Towns

Creel is the gateway to the Copper Canyon. This village was known by the Raramuris as “Rochivo”, located at 247 km southeast from Chihuahua, the capital of the state of the same name, on the top of the “Sierra Madre Occidental”, known as the "Sierra Tarahumara". It was named Creel in honor of Governor Creel which opened, in 1907, the train station, fact which gave much importance for its wood industry and travelers were discovering little by little the magnificent natural attractions that surround it.

The most traditional craft of rarámuris is basketry, especially the "wares" baskets woven with insoles. Recently, they have entered masterfully in carved wooden products, decorative objects and furniture.

Also in mud and woolen goods. Advised by Italian schools, they have started manufacturing violins of extraordinary quality.

Passing through the mountains to reach this wonderful Magical Town you will find the most beautiful landscapes in the country.