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Coatepec Magic Towns

Coatepec (In Náhuatl language means “The Snake’s Hill), a city located in central Veracruz, Mexico, just at eight kilometers from Xalapa, the capital of the state. For decades the city was the coffee City by excellence.

It is also the city of orchids; we can find many nurseries and museums, both orchids and coffee.

The Totonacs lived in this place until the sixteenth century. In 1560, the Franciscans founded the first church dedicated to the patron of the place, San Jerónimo.

Among the relevant data quality of Coatepec’s coffee is that the Veracruz was the first state in which the plant was grown, after she arrived to our country, in the late eighteenth century

Coffee from Coatepec has earned international recognition for its excellent natural conditions, ideal for producing good coffee of altitude, and shaded coffee.

For its beauty, this town has been included in the touristic program "Magical Towns".