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Ciudad de México

The Desierto de los Leones National Park is one of the parks in Mexico City in the mountains of the southwest of the city and in its territory a wide variety of pines and animal species are protected. It was the first to be declared a national park in the country in 1917. A monastery of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites settled there because of the peace and natural tranquility prevailing in this place.

The Summit of Ajusco National Park is also one of the parks in the Mexico City and also one of the best known among its inhabitants, perhaps because of the elevation known as the Ajusco (which the park is named) that is visible from any point in the city and exceeds 3,900 meters high. Within its boundaries wooded areas composed of pine and oak and some areas covered by high mountain grasslands which form beautiful natural scenic very popular and visited the weekends and especially in winter time, when sometimes there are light snowfalls in the higher areas.

La Marquesa, located at 34 km away from the City of Mexico, this beautiful nature reserve has 1,760 hectares and it is one of the places most visited by the inhabitants of the capital and its metropolitan area. The mountainous, covered coniferous trees, consists of rock formations and towering peaks, streams and waterways as the springs of Los Ajolotes, which are of great importance because here drinking water is obtained. The park is popular for mountaineering and hiking.