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Cholula Magic Towns

Cholula is the area that includes two towns: San Andrés Cholula and San Pedro Cholula. Its landscape, a pyramidal structure covered by foliage and crowned by a colonial church is unique in the world. When the day is clear, we can admire the Popocatepetl, volcano in the background.

Walking through its streets, we found dozens of colonial churches; there is even a myth that there are 365, one for each day of the year.

Cholula was founded by exiled groups of Tula around 500 BC, so that, it is one of the oldest living populations in America. Although they were tributary to the Aztecs, they were always distinguished for their independent spirit.

During the Conquest, it was the scenery of one of the bloodiest episodes. In 1519 the army of Cortés made infamous Massacre of Cholula as a preventive action.

San Pedro Cholula is known for its red clay pottery, trees of life and tableware.