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Chihuahua Colonial Cities

During the Pre -Columbian time, Chihuahua territory was occupied by different cultures as the Casas Grandes (300 BC - . 1400), related to the Anasazi and Mogollon cultures. Archeologists have found traces of settlements in the state, such as “Cuarenta Casas” and “Paquimé”. The fall of the main Mogollons centers (of which the Culture Paquimé was part) began in the thirteenth century, before the peak of Paquimé. For the fifteenth century some groups associated with Paquimé took refuge in the Sierra Madre Occidental, others fled to the north, where they joined the Anasazi. It is assumed that the current taracahitas groups (Yaqui, Mayo, Opata, and Tarahumara) are descendants of the Mogollon.

In 1591 Jesuit founded centers of evangelization called “missions” in the state of Durango, hence to move among the Tarahumara. First, they establish a relationship of trust with the people, learning their languages. The intention was to eliminate the conflict between tepehuanes and Tarahumaras.

Visiting these Jesuit missions, having contact with its inhabitants, to admire the beautiful scenery during the train rides through the “Copper Canyon” to reach Creel or Divisadero, is one of the best experiences you can have.