Chiapa de Corzo
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Chiapa de Corzo

This city of Renaissance style, is located on the Grijalva River; it is the ancient Chiapa de Indios, and stands out as the entrance to one of the most impressive natural wonders of the country: The Canyon of Sumidero

In the main Square it is one of the most important monuments of the state: La Pila fountain of Mudejar style in red brick, also known as Fuente de la Reina.

Its cuisine, music and festivals are anthology, especially the Fiesta Grande, "PARTY OF THE PARACHICOS" one of the most colorful in the country that offers a magnificent sight to observe; that is the reason why it is considered as "Cultural World Heritage" by UNESCO.

You can also visit factories of marimba, an instrument that was developed in the state of Chiapas, from local diatonic marimba which was originated from the balafon, an instrument that Africans built in America, and that was mainly popularized in Central America.