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Bacalar Magic Towns

Bacalar is a picturesque community where nature lovers, adventure, history and cultural events are the perfect setting.

The original name comes from pre-Hispanic times “Bacalar = Siyan Ka'an Bakjalal. Siyan Ka'an” that means “Heaven’s birth” and “Bakjalal” meaning enclosed or surrounded by reeds.

In pre-Hispanic times Bacalar was the largest population of Yucatan and prime commercial site because it was a transfer point for various goods brought from Central America, particularly in the region of Ulua, Honduras.

Blue Cenote: With a depth of 90 m., it receives its name “blue” because of its turquoise waters. It is an off-site series for diving, because even without a spectacular visibility, it provides intricate mazes of roots and trunks intertwined and overlapping, gaps of various sizes; it has caves that invite you to penetrate, always provided by expert guides and proper training.